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[1080p] [1979][少林英雄榜 Shaolin Abbot][1080P-WEB/1.7G][国语][MP4][陆剑明/姜大卫/徐少强]

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3 N1 O$ p) i- m  G& J. c% W& I

/ o( _5 a, Y5 ^+ P, `' S◎译  名 AbbotofShaolin2 G! U1 k& [7 M9 _
◎片  名 少林英雄榜: z6 H, W  a) Y$ r, L
◎年  代 1979
' y8 V0 ^( |0 X. Z( `) L- }: U◎产  地 香港: b6 }# f/ z  y0 s
◎类  别 动作/冒险
; j& z6 g* c8 ~! m. Q+ ]◎语  言 粤语. k, ?& \4 Y4 B
◎上映日期 1979-07-118 U+ |  u2 ^3 h+ Z+ i0 v) ~2 t
◎豆瓣评分 6.1/10 from 232 users( ]& ?; z6 |7 ~8 ?9 H
◎豆瓣链接 https://movie.douban.com/subject/2072112/
0 W0 R3 B& M& ]" X1 i1 _* B% r◎片  长 Hong Kong: 84 分钟0 M, P) }; i; J9 G
◎导  演 何梦华/ l! N! `/ Q4 C1 W0 }3 y
◎主  演 陆剑明+ F8 d7 K$ g5 X5 n- ?( ^2 l; t
' J) S$ j9 |: ~3 i      徐少强; o6 s* ~! X% Z  x. g2 f+ X
; {8 O4 I1 h1 U4 H+ H* r8 B      罗烈& m0 k' q; t, V

8 I) V% t9 f% o◎简  介
- Q" Y6 s8 c3 ?* G3 B7 W! ?% E, h+ ?9 r( ?
  A SLICE OF DEATH / ABBOT OF SHAOLIN (1979) is another Shaw Bros. kung fu film with a Shaolin Temple theme. David Chiang stars as the monk Chi San, who survives the burning of Shaolin Temple and travels south to Kwangtung to raise money to re-build the temple as forces loyal to the Ching Emperor follow in close pursuit. He meets a merchant in Kwangtung who becomes his patron and he develops a group of followers, including Hung Si Kwan, a familiar character from Shaolin lore. There are lots of good fight scenes and a well-written script with interesting encounters between the varied characters.
/ E; k* D  \/ i
& Y5 Y* y% c: ~- v, ^4 f% J2 m

1 u0 g& ?! L; V3 _; i! v1 w. F0 e& F" U" _
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