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BBC - Flatpack Empire: Series 1 (2018)
% B0 j* d! ]: V! {, j( T8 G
' v0 h) Y1 ?% C4 K0 F/ n) l+ N

# s+ c9 s' E: r! a) a                               

; L- h$ b+ W! i- h  a9 h: Q! [3 e3 F! o) Q0 E# D- P
Information9 h2 t! b/ }7 f$ l
Flatpack Empire: Series 1
& n9 m/ S8 {3 ZIKEA is not like any other company - the Swedish furniture retailer is driven by a powerful philosophy, to 'create a better everyday life for the many people', and with 900 million customers a year, this series goes behind the scenes to find the secret to its global success.
# D2 N1 W/ D" n9 P# o
, ?4 q6 u/ t6 {# x. @4 A
+ @7 [8 W7 r  K$ p  C- k4 X' O" L% x
Part 1: 2 u2 a! C6 @/ X8 l
In this first episode, we see how IKEA are starting to open up their design headquarters to outside influences. Tom Dixon - the 'enfant terrible' of British design, has been invited to collaborate on a new bed-sofa - but with deadlines looming and the world's furniture press watching, neither he nor IKEA fully agree what the product should be. We follow the production of the famous catalogue, where Sara Blomquist is in charge of devising the 'perfect' front-cover image. Can she unite different voices in the company and create an image that will be seen by millions of people around the world?1 \3 c& T9 ^4 }& h/ L
' k& n+ m  }2 e/ }' ?
) \: m, X6 e1 e: c5 o2 |
; @' _8 y6 b$ F" {- L
Part 2:
" Q# _3 p: H* \, E$ N" M  tIn episode two, we see what it takes to get new products from initial design to stores around the world. One of Ikea's newest designers, Hanna-Kaarina Heikkila, wants to challenge mass production by creating an 'imperfect vase' that has the fingermarks of the creator - she travels to China to see if her idea is possible.
" k4 l! b& ?6 V' T; d
* u  Q( T  o- m; q; B
6 K, U; X. u: |9 N9 O5 z& I
# d/ k& k- q; y" ~* y
Part 3:
; U- L$ ]4 X, Q2 n: @2 P; C5 pIn episode three, we follow Mia Lundstrom as she takes on the company's biggest challenge in a generation - pushing into India with an aggressive expansion plan. Not only is IKEA bringing their stores and products, but their unique culture and values. With over a billion potential customers, how will the unique company brand work - will India understand IKEA?
) t6 g# l' r. p) F' H2 b) f4 L7 _- u/ e* ]4 }& _% [
+ Q9 P; W6 F3 ~2 f) x
$ }; I5 v4 V: W1 _6 O9 V. \: C! @

/ a' X1 P/ `$ r# s) a  s; G1 S- z
4 M! D$ r3 R- r- z+ i
1 p; P4 m: G% F! F- B( U, w  }Technical Specs
1 p& X4 `4 |- z6 S$ }2 h/ Q4 o; iVideo Codec: x264 CABAC [email protected]
" w$ p( L- s6 p9 s1 G  ~Video: Bitrate: CRF- 21 (~2795 kb/s) $ w+ d- {  x% ]+ r+ j- E* q7 P
Video Aspect Ratio: 1280 x 720# N4 ~8 h/ }7 c
Video Resolution: 1.778 (16:94 B9 A) a- X- I  Y1 v2 M1 g
Audio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC
, x& ^# ?" V, O" r0 u# }Audio: English2 z7 L2 ]+ s! E. P
Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48000Hz
) U) w6 G# e2 U" F& |Audio Channels: Stereo 2
9 E- y) ^2 [5 w8 V- |% NRun-Time: 59 mins 9 q2 c" \5 v" y% c/ A& a
Framerate: 25. Fps
* j: I  I1 G( Y) M" f# w" oNumber of Parts: 3; n) m1 Q& R  D( x
Container Mp4
, q3 x+ D5 \( I& h4 x+ M3 M6 ~Part Size: 1.22 GB
2 R# D1 [9 A& G& v! a4 D. lSource: HDTV
; \: S; m" Q8 d. R: F1 ?6 g. _Encoded by: Harry65
, |6 X) U% v3 h6 bRelease Notes
9 n, r, n# Y3 x* sMerged English Subtitles1 y$ H5 m/ S: m9 l6 x. O
" y8 `' K# Q, t' Q) B
  b3 }5 }' M  s4 S
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