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[欧美] 探索频道 建筑巨无霸 第一季:世界上最大的教堂 Building.Giants.Series.1.Worlds.Biggest.Church.720p.HDTV.x264.AAC.MVGroup

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Sci. Ch. - Building Giants Series 1: Worlds Biggest Church (2018)% W. I. c; f- w) N% w& |
6 a- q7 t  r  Q2 R$ N' h# R& s, f
; B. t7 I5 I+ F5 u# d6 Y
" P* [& C( E4 {6 Q; K

+ F* y6 h2 Z+ U" ?/ T# vInformation( n/ K3 `5 H( }, g% y0 [7 l
Building Giants Series 1: Worlds Biggest Church 4 Y) q5 S  e1 F+ [
A build taking over 140 years finally nears completion, as the engineers and architects of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia attempt to raise the six central towers that will make it the world’s tallest church. Already dominating the city’s skyline, soaring over 100 metres tall and attracting 4.5 million visitors each year, the stone towers will push the church’s height above 170 metres.
/ ]3 E% E' M0 X; [2 DSagrada Familiar’s original maverick architect, Antoni Gaudi, died almost 100 years ago and many of his plans and models were lost, so the team must follow design clues helping them to realise Gaudi's vision.
3 g* ~) C  J/ r, m+ `4 G+ w9 E0 Z" Q. |% i2 q; ]2 s* r

4 _5 @% n; ?1 Y
. w9 d/ N5 k7 T " R) U" d% D/ M! h. J9 N- q+ K

1 a7 c* e6 z& B% F" q! U: @4 x# ?, ^6 n% F" g" x
Technical Specs; o$ h8 j- A+ x
Video Codec: x264 CABAC [email protected]
' e9 K! z- y, e# D5 P1 u( D/ X. |. bVideo: Bitrate: CRF- 21 (~3244 kb/s)
3 G4 w" Q2 {; VVideo Aspect Ratio: 1280 x 720' ?0 q$ Y  C' n
Video Resolution: 1.778 (16:9
0 v6 F7 s9 n& y% X" v4 O/ rAudio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC8 x7 c/ y# h, @1 T
Audio: English
, t* J4 x: J3 w/ h/ iAudio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48000Hz
+ C' s3 B9 ]% v/ H; ]Audio Channels: Stereo 2
/ Q* v2 P' i; r6 f" x  m; t- N6 sRun-Time: 43 mins + X9 U; W+ A, ?/ `* k# b6 e
Framerate: 25. Fps
- P1 y  {5 Q* M: X7 R- vNumber of Parts: 1: O% v" [" [& C( U) b  Y! s$ j- Q/ H* K
Container Mp4
# W; c3 s: Q0 nPart Size: 1.01 GB8 ~, J8 b& A; n" [) ]7 [& p
Source: HDTV# h' k( s9 O/ i" J/ p9 h1 W
Encoded by: Harry657 O& I6 P( J! K
Release Notes* B9 `- d7 _8 P3 `  I( F5 o; g2 t
Merged English Subtitles2 }4 V" R6 ~0 j  T7 t" _

% r/ j4 j8 v- \5 C1 _2 d& X+ B& y3 ~+ X, Z- [1 S, A
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