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[欧美] 纪录片 PBS 那些不可能的建筑 第一季 PBS.Impossible.Builds.Series.1.720p.HDTV.x264.AAC.MVGroup.torrent

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PBS - Impossible Builds: Series 1 (2018)5 f' F% x6 Y1 J; \; P7 ^; b. D( }
; S; E$ C: s% J$ a% _/ D
- N0 I/ [7 V9 z" _' U
3 _% I4 B' G- q

2 |) J% @- d! V1 P; FInformation7 ^) l- ]4 Y' w! J
Impossible Builds: Series 1
4 k( Z3 d2 `( ^- E" ^/ x% YImpossible Builds is an Access All Areas look at the creation of some of the world's most ambitious, complex, and technologically advanced construction projects. From subaquatic homes and the ultimate in billionaire luxury, to futuristic towers and pencil thin skyscrapers - these are the structures they said could never be built. But now, using revolutionary technology and cutting-edge construction materials,- F8 q# {5 ^  `

  T/ Y2 Q. u  ]# Y/ q1 g+ _0 R

# B& N. Q6 L; d. [* {0 E* q; L                               
Part 1: The Scorpion Tower
1 z3 W- I; g# V. cFollow the construction of one of the most complex skyscrapers ever to make it off the drawing board. Its design is so radical that construction experts have turned to a building material never before used in skyscrapers.
8 Z  B( D8 ~/ k( h1 B
" x* ~. f8 W' r. r6 n+ q6 |9 K% M; w. R4 p' R! f3 Z. m! ~
" Z. g5 F0 g. f% T: \
Part 2: Europe in the Desert5 L! g+ v1 e" Q& R- l7 z: W1 [/ D% w& A
Can six sand islands, poking out of the Persian Gulf near Dubai, be transformed into the most luxurious holiday destination on earth? One man believes they can and he’s risking tens of millions of dollars to prove it.$ p6 X- U9 f1 _' \. Q) N1 x' g
! O+ Z8 ]* A( T. V) j) z
+ T" i0 s8 S( ?- l, B$ O5 F# y
$ F1 g: F! [9 F$ f/ ?% V' m' c
Part 3: The Floating House8 ]' p# H$ ?: }2 Y
Follow the build to make living beneath the waves into a reality as a team in Dubai attempts to construct a floating house combining the best of land and marine design. Will they achieve the impossible?+ i3 L* T7 g! g9 y' s) s4 G+ \. v

0 h% V, @% B" f% _! B' S! q! c " u- D" b/ I3 _

  \) E- |  C. M' I, T; D+ [ 4 F# h/ ^" f! V5 a- S$ r
% |. i6 ]7 u& S. r4 {
1 s2 |; j* r9 ~$ L! [
Technical Specs
( H' F# i, i+ Q9 c) BVideo Codec: x264 CABAC [email protected]* M; D5 r' z/ E$ R/ ~  Y
Video: Bitrate: CRF- 21 (~3252 kb/s) 6 }2 }3 ~$ a  b$ J: @5 b: r  X/ i
Video Aspect Ratio: 1280 x 720
  V  V; t  R& M5 UVideo Resolution: 1.778 (16:9
: x7 x$ j" @9 ?' E# t9 n* @- J' b( ?. cAudio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC. {$ @0 Y9 N9 b! o
Audio: English
; x! x' I( l( O% {4 s! m4 A. |' }: |Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48000Hz % x% s  e: T' g1 x
Audio Channels: Stereo 2
8 O8 J% c9 v; o: [5 qRun-Time: 56 mins , R/ \7 n$ S; n' d
Framerate: 25. Fps+ r6 _# Q; Q" c: N9 I5 _9 f
Number of Parts: 3
3 T6 v3 W  m. E( YContainer Mp4
2 f& s( T, [% G6 R! ], J- DPart Size: 1.32 GB# m, X2 I: \. Q- c. G
Source: HDTV
4 f2 @6 R; B- a0 h' EEncoded by: Harry652 J$ W/ O+ P8 r7 t
Release Notes' Y4 @2 a7 c  A, }
Merged English Subtitles
+ h' e7 N% e2 H, H% I, x: p$ c! k% D' d0 y0 ]
6 x) F1 a: j3 p
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