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[欧美] 野性的非洲 第一季 Africas.Wild.Horizons.Series.1.1080p.HDTV.x264.AAC.MVGroup

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Smithsonian Earth - Africa's Wild Horizons: Series 1 (2017)
7 j' ~" z7 p  |* [/ C4 O' A9 C3 U. y- _* g% F
/ G$ i4 \/ A* f5 h7 e1 t3 L7 f
+ L1 X) D& O4 c0 r

$ R/ P2 r  n5 [2 V* X- [/ V, \( W, nInformation
/ m" O' y6 j) R2 PAfrica’s Wild Horizons: Series 1 8 `/ W) p+ R2 R
Africa's spectacular biodiversity extends across a vast, numerous network of ecosystems. Explore the continent's incredible landscape and the unique wildlife that call its many different environments home.9 l5 j7 i6 s; U, H  ^  N0 _

0 c/ G* {/ J" P1 I/ b& u

" e! V6 ^$ p- D( p  ~% A% s                               
Part 1: The Waterberg Mountains of Life
/ d9 t! i8 I9 N- i) oTake a trip through the spectacularly diverse terrain of the Waterberg--a South African land so old it was formed before terrestrial life itself. Today, its sprawling grasslands are home to some of the most eclectic wildlife on Earth, all sustained by the region's abundant water supply.
4 Q" H- w+ e, `  G  v7 r. t& W8 |$ F' j! A
* [) H$ g. P+ J6 X* c9 ~6 ?5 V

8 P+ k8 A% l: f; c                               
Part 2: Vredefort Dome Crater of Life+ j: _+ v& f) ?: n0 q! N
Two billion years ago, a giant meteorite crashed into southern Africa's interior plateau, forming a six-mile-deep crater. Today, the site of this cataclysmic event is the Vredefort Dome--a dazzling and rich ecosystem of unique plant and animal life.! S; @4 [7 S" u2 f8 H

' ^& e6 s4 M3 y. @5 [) {2 Z$ \* x6 Z' N# d) D- }/ |

9 ^* A7 L% x% D4 c! k; B9 O! o                               
Part 3: Africas Great Oasis the Okavango Delta" h) P8 {7 M$ x
Deep within the arid expanse of the Kalahari Desert lies a true anomaly of nature: a land shaped by the unstoppable flow of inland floods to create one of the greatest wildlife havens in Africa. Experience the life-giving might of the Okavango Delta, in all its lush beauty.
  D0 A- k/ c# q' J0 e; b0 x4 B) ~7 j/ M, ~

4 w$ f& ?1 ^# }8 ?" \* Q# B
$ G! t$ y* \5 f, h" {9 F5 L1 f
Part 4: Wild Swaziland
* [5 N5 Q, @# a2 RJourney deep into the heart of Swaziland--a wild kingdom of riverine forests and endless savanna. From dominant elephant herds to tiny dung beetles, a number of diverse keystone species are shaping a vibrant ecosystem.8 w" o  [5 }- K9 C, E' y

# h% D! G! ]# H
$ z# s- }- p& c: H
+ U: \* _2 i; ?" p' V
Part 5: The Kalahari
+ A+ L6 ~' A3 R$ n8 LWhile the immense ecosystem of the Kalahari is characterized by its harsh conditions, it also offers a wealth of resources to the native wildlife. From the burrows of nocturnal bat-eared foxes to the massive colonies of harvester ants, the region provides habitats for a vast array of life.8 U7 W" Y5 ?& j: v. u+ E5 F0 Z

$ [" B' o! O/ h" p9 F& N' f4 B
" j& C0 j# l# L; E% T$ ?
( ^. ?2 s" z: ~. b7 L8 p1 E
Part 6: Ngorongoro Crater Cursed Haven" x1 a0 s/ p" y$ h8 a. X" f, f+ Y% }
Formed from the remains of a 2.5 million-year-old imploded volcano, the Ngorongoro crater is a study in contradictions: On one hand, it's a self-sustained and plentiful land that provides for the many animals that call it home. Conversely, its isolation threatens the existence of many of its key species. What does the future hold for this unique habitat?
% f  ?6 p# U+ n* a/ ]  }' a1 @
8 P( e* ^  \6 Q' z' }2 x* r9 p6 Y
2 w5 v" N6 F8 f3 _1 c- A5 E * L0 }) l, Z! u0 F- I

; ~2 a' Z& U2 Y' o1 ?. N" T + }0 O9 |% K7 y+ C
, W" n. X% m* X0 I+ g3 x" e/ o
6 i% @% W# q/ W
Technical Specs
, S" Q, E8 t- V5 i8 o% g3 SVideo Codec: x264 CABAC [email protected]4 U' H: p+ Q# ?$ U0 l/ l
Video: Bitrate: CRF- 21 (~4228 kb/s) , [, }, v6 B* w$ t% D
Video Aspect Ratio: 1920 x 1080$ K: ]) }$ }. ^7 S1 v
Video Resolution: 1.778 (16:9
( }2 D) q) \: q8 U# uAudio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC3 y9 [; v, o0 A' b- l5 R7 M
Audio: English
. t/ G0 y5 D& c% ]* l1 V5 D5 H) yAudio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 44100Hz
* [4 F3 }& W4 l; w3 tAudio Channels: Stereo 21 ?0 g( O% F& k* @, ^# ~
Run-Time: 47 mins 0 W% J9 \  l+ O& ^- l8 o
Framerate: 23.974. Fps- b$ _. B& S; L
Number of Parts: 6
) j; I+ [# n% sContainer Mp44 n; p& b+ l0 K) W1 u5 x, b
Part Size: 1.42 GB
4 L  ?. O/ ?( [. ?2 hSource: HDTV
/ W- }' L" t8 t" |6 j5 FEncoded by: Harry65
1 Q0 P% s, P, I" |( G9 WRelease Notes# [6 N# j) @. {4 {4 v
Merged English Subtitles
; d$ A+ x/ C3 x. g$ U
$ Z# O. M# e6 p  e9 s5 t$ I3 f$ E- {% y3 ?$ f
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